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IMPORTANT: Due to Covid restrictions all consultations are now carried out via Zoom or Skype until further notice.

Consultations: About


The First Consultation 
The first consultation usually lasts around one hour and fifteen minutes. During the consultation the homeopath will ask for a detailed description of symptoms as well as emotional well being.

What Happens Next? 
Shortly after the consultation, the patient will receive a remedy with instructions on how to take it. The patient will be encouraged to pay particular attention to any changes - emotional, mental or physical that they may experience.

At the first follow-up, the homeopath will assess the progress of treatment and response to the remedy.

There are usually a number of monthly follow-ups which last about forty-five minutes.



First Consultation Price Guide
Adults - £60
Children (under 14) - £40
Adults - £40
Children (under 14) - £30


The above prices include time with the patient, time spent afterwards studying the case and monitoring the progress of the remedy, plus the cost of remedy and postage.


PLEASE NOTE: Any appointments missed without at least 24 hours notice may be charged at £10.00

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